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Eirik the Norwegian* Wangberg

* A nickname given to Eirik Wangberg by Sir Paul McCartney

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- Major Hollywood music film documentary is on the way...
- Stockholm music film documentary is on the way...

Unreleased album
by Eirik Wangberg


The release
is starting with singles.

and studio/year

Time Time (Hollywood '68)
Daughter (Sacramento '65)
Juliet (Hol '68)
Rain Rain Rain (Sac '65)
She Said (Hol '69)
Hate and War (Sac '66)
Sunshine I'm Down (Hol '69)
Wishing Well (Hol '69)
Kari Ann (Hol '69)
Midnight Rider (Hol '70)

You Woman (Hol'68)
Garbage Man (Hol '69)
Don't Touch the Bees (Hol '68)
Wishing Well (Hol '69)
Sorry About That (Sac '66)
Lord Ask Me Why (Hol '68)
What a Love (Sac '66)
Sorry About That (Sac '66)
Can you Dig It (Hol '69)
Love Needs the World (Hol '70)

World Bee Day is 20th May.
Play this song all
summer long!

Audio engineering: Ram on! An excerpt from the Ramming documentary being featured on the super-deluxe edition Archive Collection reissue of Paul & Linda McCartney's Masterpiece, RAM.

'pop music history rockin' the net'

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Double Grammy
Paul and Linda

RAM Deluxe
Book Edition

Interview with Eirik!
Play Dear Boy

Diana Ross

Diamond Diana:
The Legacy Collection

Video w/Michael Jackson
Touch Me in the Morning

Grammy Winner 2013
The Beach Boys

The Smile Sessions
Play Vegetables

Michael Jackson

The Early Years
Play I Want You Back

Grammy Nominee 2011
Where the Action Is!

Los Angeles Nuggets
Play Yellow Balloon

The Turtles

Band Hero
Play Happy Together

Jimi Hendrix
Otis Redding

At Monterey
Play Wild Thing

John Travolta
Olivia Newton-John

Grease is the word
Play Hopelessly Devoted


I Got a Line on You

The Beatles

The White Album (!)
Play Birthday

The McCARTNEY LEGACY Volume 1, 1969-73

Interviews and texts were given to the authors Allan Kozinn and Adrian Sinclair.

Eirik: "In the book I am so extravagantly praised I get red in the face!"

The McCartney Bible is released December 2022


"Fifty years ago, Paul McCartney said ta-ra to The Beatles and hello to Ram, the eccentric, tune-packed solo album that may still be his best.

In this deluxe bookazine I interview the mixing engineer, Eirik Wangberg."

Tom Doyle, Internationally acclaimed Journalist and Author

Los Angeles Apple podcast: In the studio with "The Norwegian"

This is a multi-part episode that celebrates Paul and Linda McCartney's brilliant and influential album RAM.

"In this first episode I talk to Eirik "The Norwegian" Wangberg, the engineer who spent two months in a studio with Paul McCartney during the making of RAM. Wangberg's access put him in a unique position as observer and collaborator and he not only paints a vivid picture of Paul and Linda at that time but he provides additional dimension to Paul as an artist.

Few people have the ability to provide this kind of insight given the insularity of Paul and Linda McCartney in 1971 so it was a treat to speak to the charming Norwegian. Wangberg was also able to comment on the creation of the album itself as he wore many hats in its construction, ultimately selecting, sequencing, and mixing the songs on RAM."

Diana Erickson, One Sweet Dream

A new Eirik Wangberg Song and Production is released
together with the fine Canadian artist GREG WYARD: HEALING MELODY; premiering at The Canadian National Exhibition.
Coming: A full feature documentary film
"The story that was never told" about the life of the dear and brilliant Swedish artist-composer
Ted Gärdestad.
Eirik is included...

Coming is The Eirik Wangberg Story, a never before released album containing compositions by Eirik. Here he performs instrumentally and vocally together with some Elvis Presley and The Eagles band members, Janne Schaffer and others. Of course, his record and sound production is included (1964-69). Alec Palao, the renowned Compilation Producer (Grammy nominated x 3), and Joey D, President of Frantic Records, have taken the initiative to compile and release this double album containing Eirik's own music.
Record cover:
Painting of Eirik by renowned Italian artist Dario Campanile, student of Salvador Dali

The long awaited Eirik Wangberg autobiography Mitt Liv Blant Stjerner (My Life Among Stars), written together with the prize awarded author and journalist Stein Slettebak Wangen, is finally here! First in Norwegian, other languages will follow.
- Foreword by Sir Paul McCartney and epilogue by David Foster!
- For a copy please contact Eirik at velkommmen@live.com

Book presentation and signing at Rockheim, the National Museum Of Pop And Rock Music
"We had a touching and wonderful visit of superproducer Eirik Wangberg, who has worked with artists such as Paul McCartney,
The Beach Boys and David Foster. From the stage, he presented the book My life among stars, written together with
Stein Slettebak Wangen. Rockheim's historian Terje Nilsen interviewed Wangberg on stage. Wangberg also brought - the first
Norwegian-built electric bass - which he built together with bandmate Morten Kolstad in the Cool Cats, in 1959."

"There’s sure no passion in the human soul, But finds its food in music.” - George Lillo 1691–1739


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